So you’re now in the city that never sleeps, for a whole year - also very well known as the city where nothing is certain but expense. This is why, we at Herbal Hill Studios, have prepared a little handy guide to help you make the most of your time in London while on that tight student budget. Yes it rains a lot and people on the underground aren’t the friendliest, but there is certainly a lot for you to enjoy.

The benefits of having a student accommodation in Central London, particularly Zone 1, is that transportation is at your fingertips. London has one of the best transport system to get around and our underground map has been named one of the best maps in the world. Don't forget our popular red buses which are a symbol of our city and is ranked as popular as Big Ben and Tower of London.


Why not take a ride on the London Sightseeing Tour? Tickets only cost around £20 and you get to see all the major sites in Central London from the comfort of one seat in just over an hour.


If you want to save a little as a student, you can use the standard red buses which can take you from one end of Central London to another. You can find information on the best routes on many handy guides online!


If you love a good sunset or just want a good view of London from above, head over to Greenwich Park or Primrose Hill. As a student, nothing sounds more interesting than the word "free". You will be delighted to know that you can enjoy London's skyline for absolutely free of charge at Primrose Hill. The sight of London from the 213-foot hill is nothing more than breath-taking. It is one of the capital's view that is protected from development so this would be a recommended visit.


Rooftop bars and restaurants such as Aqua Shard, which is around 19 mins from our student accommodation, Sky Gardens, around 21 mins away from our student accommodation, or Maddison’s in St. Pauls Cathedral are a great place to start!


You can also explore the culture of London via the museums which are ofcourse free of charge! You can save the monies for the gift shops. London has a range of museums – some you may not be interested in and others you will love.


South Kensington has three museums all side by side; the Science Museum and Natural History Museum are known to hold some intriguing exhibitions. The Natural History Museum even opens an ice rink during the Christmas period. The British Museum is one of the most well-established museums in the UK and definitely worth a visit!

The British Museum is only a 19 minute walk from our student accommodation.

The Natural History Museum and the Science Museum is a 31 minute journey via public transport

The British Library is just a short 20- minute walk from your private student accommodation. The British Library boasts the largest research collection in the world. There is even a reading room where students can browse through collections and study. This a great space to possibly think about studying in, if you think you will get distracted by your friends at university.


With a rich and vibrant scene, with some of the best plays and musicals in the world, no trip to London is complete without seeing a theatre show in London's West End. you can go and see Les Miserables from £30.30 or the Phantom of the Opera from £27.80 or how about a fright to remember with the Woman in Black from £24.30. You will not regret the experience.

If you find the prices of the West End theatre are a bit too much, there is always so much more to do there. Leicester Square and Covent Garden are full of market stalls, cheap eats, great shops and endless entertainment.


Kew Gardens is 300 acres of London’s most beautiful green space. Tickets might be a little on the expensive side, but they offer discounts for students which is great! Hyde Park, Holland Park, St. James Park an Regents Park are a very short and easy commute from your student accommodation in Farringdon.

Do let us know if you ever end up doing anything inspired by this guide. Our 24/7 caretaker team are always on site to provide you with so many more recommendations, so do not hesitate to pop down to reception to ask! If you have any recommendations of your own, feel free to let us know!

Written by Shareen Rajput
Edited by Trupti Mahida-Dicocco

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