Here at Herbal Hill Studios it is important to us that you are safe in and around your accommodation, away from your home. You will have much more responsibility; therefore, we would like to guide you through some tips to become safely independent.








You must be wondering why we would be giving you safety tips, when you are able to look after yourselves. We know that it is better to share our knowledge rather than keep it to ourselves and our 5 Top Tips are fabulous reminders! (Just incase you forgot!)


Let’s cover the basics so we can get on with the not so predictable stuff. Personal security is so important, so preventing crime against us is our first step to safety. Before you leave your student accommodation, make sure you shut/lock the door behind you. Do not leave small cute post it notes on your door for your friends to reveal you are not in your studio. Make sure all windows are securely shut before you leave your room. Why take the risk!  

It might also be a good idea to purchase a small safe to keep in your room. Believe it or not, keeping your valuables or other expensive items lying around is never a good idea. We also do recommend that you get some additional cover to protect your belongings.

We, at Herbal Hill Studios, make sure student safety is in our core values. We have 24-hour coverage in our student accommodation, with CCTV cameras on every floor and regular patrols around our building by our team.


After a good long week, students love nothing more than a night out and with all the happening clubs around Central London, why wouldnt you! After you have lived your best life out in the clubs you just need to make sure you arrive home safely. We know you are now independent but with this independence comes common sense and responsibility.

Regardless of age, if you are planning on staying out till dawn, make sure you travel with a friend when making your journey home. Do not, constantly, pay attention to your phone screen but pay attention to your surroundings. Believe us when we say this, phones are a great target so be aware.

When travelling, we recommend only getting into Licensed taxi's! This is a must! Every legitimate taxi, especially in Central London, will have the driver's detail which will be clearly displayed. If you wish, take a sneaky photo of your driver’s ID and send them to a friend or email this to someone you trust. If at any point you feel uncomfortable, ask the driver to stop so you can get out. You can always get another taxi then continue a journey you dont feel entirely comfortable in.

There is no such thing as too safe. You can always let a friend know when you have reached your destination safely. Always have your keys ready before you get home. This will stop you fumbling around which can leave you alone and vulnerable outside your accommodation.


Social media has become one of the greatest platforms to stay connected with our friends, family, co-workers and have become an integral part of our day to day routine. With so much information of our lives on these platforms, we do need to be wary on how much information is too much information.

We always advise to think twice when posting photos, personal information and wehreabouts on social media. Protect yourself and your reputation online. Think twice before posting photos online cause once they're out, they are out! We know from recent studies that and new reports, that employers are cavassing social media platforms to learn more about their employees. Don't post items on your social media that you wouldnt want future employers to see.

One of the less expected safety precautions would be avoiding posting pics up of your new mobile phones and letting people on your snap know that you left the house for a week to go and sun yourself in the tropics. Whatever ever it is just think before you post! Only share your adventures with people you trust and don’t go adding random strangers.


We also recommend limiting the amount of personal information that go onto these sites. Identity theft has become common crime and posting items such as addresse; full names or other personal data can open you up to identity theft.

Fraudsters would do anything to latch on to your personal information so you need to ensure you’re on the ball! If someone can get hold of information pertaining to you then this could have a real negative effect on your credit and finances.


Please keep your personal mail, important documents, plastic cards and computer log in details safe. Beware of spam emails that pretend they are your bank or other services wanting to give you money. Never follow the link and always contact your bank with a number on their official website.


We suggest you check your recent statements at least weekly, shred your old statements, report any lost ID or bank cards immediately and any missing mail should be reported.

Keep all your ID and personal information under wraps to prevent anyone from getting too close!


We would prefer not to bring this up at all, but we want to ensure you are aware of drugs if you weren’t before!

There are legal drugs e.g. cigarettes, illegal drugs e.g. cannabis and cocaine then there are legal highs which have not been tested really because they are changing all the time.

Did you know that you become immensely vulnerable if you are taking illegal drugs? It lowers your mood and makes you unaware of your surroundings. If you are in the wrong place with the wrong people, then this could be super dangerous!

If you chose to take drugs, you are just putting yourself and your health at risk, so I wouldn’t bother!

You might think that legal highs are ok but actually they have so many illegal substances in them you might as well forget that as well. On top of that if your body rejects them, it is unlikely the doctor will be able to fix you because they won’t know what it is that you have been pumping in to your body.

While we are not professional advisors, we do have onsite team, at Herbal Hill Studios, who have been trained on Drug Awareness courses so you can always come and speak to us about any issues you have and we will try our very best to guide you in getting any help you need.

Herbal Hill wishes you a very safe stay!

Written by Lianna Carbon
Edited by Trupti Mahida-Dicocco

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