‘What is legionella?’ I hear you asking. Legionella is a bacterium which occurs naturally in soil and water environments – since there is no soil at Herbal Hill Studios, you only need to worry about the water part. Infection from the legionella bacteria can potentially be fatal. That’s why we have done all the research for you and written this helpful article to better explain what it is and how you can minimise your risk of exposure to it.


Legionnaires’ disease is a potentially fatal form of pneumonia, and I can assure you that its something you definitely do not want to experience especially as a student stuck in a private student accommodation right in the middle of busy Central London. It can be contracted by simply breathing in the airborne water droplets which contain the legionella bacterium.


The good news is that you have your own private kitchen and private bathroom in your studio flat, so you have full control over how clean you keep them. Generally speaking, the cleaner you are, the lower the risk of you contracting this illness.


We would recommend, as best practice, to clean your kitchen and bathroom taps, showerheads and other water outlets by simply turning them on as regularly as once a week. This shouldn’t really be an issue for you since you’ll be showering and washing up throughout the week anyway, but the focus is more on when you’re away on holiday.


If you see any limescale building up around showerheads and kitchen/ bathroom taps, you can use some descaling tablets or liquids to clean them. Lucky for you, Sainsbury’s Local and Tesco Express in Farringdon both stock these for as little as £3, and what’s more, both are less than a five minute walk from your private studio flat!



Since you have chosen us as your luxurious private student accommodation provider, we are very pleased to boast a 24/7 security team who have all been trained on minimising the risk of legionella.


We carry out a water risk assessment every year to check that all our water systems are free of any potential hazards. You will have received an up to date legionella safe certificate with your tenancy documents to show that we are safe and have conducted our thorough checks.


As well as us keeping on top of our regular checks, there are many ways you could also help us:

·         Flush out all water outlets in your flat on a weekly basis (this simply means turn your taps on every week)

·         Let us know if your flat will be vacant for longer than a week so we can flush out the water for you

·         Regularly clean and disinfect your showerhead to avoid limescale building up

·         Let us know as soon as possible when your hot water is not working


We hope this guide has been helpful – feel free to contact us if you need any more advice or for one of our dedicated 24/7 staff to show you anything mentioned above.

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