Guests/Visitors, visiting the facility are expected to adhere to the following guidelines for the safety and security of yourself and others in the building:


  • Agree to follow the rules before entry is permitted into the building.

  • All guests /visitors must sign in and out through the main office area.

  • All guests /visitors are required to read and adhere to the guidelines.

  • Smoking cigarettes/tobacco/vapes/e-cigarettes is prohibited in our facility. Please use designated smoking areas outside.

  • Firearms/weapons are prohibited in our facility.

  • We do not permit illegal substances in any area of the building. Please do not use or store any illegal substances on site. Anyone found with illegal substances will be reported to the police.

  • All chemicals or solubles must be reported during check in.

  • All accidents must be reported to facilities manager or a member of staff immediately.

  • Should you need to evacuate the building due to a fire please make your way to the designated fire evacuation meeting point located outside 3-7 Herbal Hill. You will need to turn right when you exit the building to get to the designated fire evacuation meeting point and be registered.

  • Residents who are having guests stay for more than one night will need to contact to arrange for an extra mattress to be supplied at the nightly rate of £30. Please note that the first night is free.

  • Guest stay is restricted to a maximum of 2 weeks. Should an extension be required, management must be consulted. You can send this request via email to

  • All residents must accompany their guests/visitors at all times whilst on the premises as they as residents are responsible for their guests/visitor’s behaviour.

  • Guests/visitors must not intimidate, annoy, threaten any other residents or members of staff

  • Guests/visitors must not tamper with any fire safety equipment.

  • Guests/Visitors should not bring any animals of any kind inside the building.

  • If guests/visitors do not adhere to the terms of the policy, then the resident will be held responsible. This means that any rules that their guest/visitor break then Herbal Hill Studios Management may consider it a breach of tenancy.

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