You did it! You made it through the hardest week yet; having to move your belongings from your home into your very own private studio in Central London! And for getting through such a difficult week, you deserve a treat. We think having your own air conditioning unit in your room is treat enough but why stop there. . .


After that tearful goodbye to your parents, this will be the perfect week to socialise with other students both in your university and here at Herbal Hill Studios. Not only does this week give you a chance to meet new people, it also allows you a little breather between moving in and then starting your studies.


We have created our very own little guide for you to help you survive your one and only experience as a fresher.


You’ve just moved into your luxurious private studio, so use this first week to organise your room. Studies have shown a tidier living space can lead to better mental health. Now we don’t know how true that is, but we can say for sure if you don’t organise yourself now you’ll find yourself drowning in a room full of pointless freebies that you collected so enthusiastically at freshers events, by the end of the week.


Your studio has lots of storage options (huge wardrobe, under bed storage, desk and wall storage units) so make the most of them. It would be best to organise your studio as soon as possible.

By making yourself a home-from-home environment you are essentially setting yourself up to begin the year ahead feeling comfortable and confident.


You will only be thankful for doing it early when you are going to have to start pulling all-nighters or when you come home late from a night of partying!


Are you new to London? Well then, let us take this opportunity to welcome you to our fantastic transport system, Transport For London (TFL). For over 100 years, TFL has been keeping London moving from buses, to underground tubes to the new Santander bikes (formerly known as Boris bikes – although you’ll still hear this occasionally).


To get started, you will need to get an Oyster card. Since you are a student, you can get a student card which will give one- third off normal prices (money saving alert – so make sure you get one!). While TFL is the most reliable method of travelling, let me not lie, it can be an absolute pain sometimes with delays and train closures. Make sure you plan your journey ahead and familiarise yourself during freshers week with different routes to your university.


You’re in luck because our student accommodation is situated in Zone 1 - right in the heart of Central London and within close proximity to your university, so you shouldn’t have many problems, but its best to stay informed. You can download an app called ‘CityMapper’ which is very good with planning routes to anywhere in London.




That first rental instalment probably just left your bank account this week (ouch!) so now that that’s out of the way, it would be a good time to sit down and budget yourself. Make sure you prioritise your necessities and leave enough on the side for emergencies.


As students, you are lucky because during freshers week you will get so many discounts and you can usually get discounts at most shops if you show your student card. There are now so many different ways to start budgeting yourself; some bank accounts, like Monzo, are dedicated to help you track your spending.


Do your research and open one if you think it may help. Freshers week doesn’t have to be an expensive week if you budget yourself properly from the beginning.


From a graduate to a newbie, Freshers Week will be a whirlwind of emotions. During this first one week, your university will have prepared a range of activities for you to participate in to ease you into university life. You’ll most probably meet the people you will be spending your first year with, so don’t hesitate to mingle - if you’re shy and nervous about making new friends, remember everyone is in the same boat as you.


Find out when your university is holding their official freshers week fair, where a lot of societies will have stalls full of freebies trying to get you to sign up. Joining societies is very important if you want to meet people with similar interests to you, and they usually organise some very good events!



You will only ever be a fresher once – or so they say. Don’t forget to have fun! Meet new people, try out new things, come out of your comfort zone. There are many places and sites to see in Central London so make sure you take the time to have a healthy balance.


Herbal Hill Studios holds a Welcome Party for all its new students so make sure you always check with us on Check In day to get the dates and times so you don't miss out!


The year ahead will be one to never forget for so many reasons, so give this first week the right start!

Written by Shareen Rajput
Edited by Trupti Mahida-Dicocco

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