Here at Herbal Hill Studios we believe the key to success is getting to know our students and understanding the basic needs to run a successful student accommodation.


And what better way to accomplish this other than a Coffee Morning Every Month starting September 2019! We at Herbal Hill Studios, welcome our students to join us every month for a coffee morning. Coffee mornings have been introduced to Herbal Hill Studios to help students get to know their fellow residents, discuss any issues, whether it be personal or just an idea to make the student accommodation a better place, or just come in and have a relaxing time.

I know your wondering why coffee though? Did you know research conducted, suggests that there are many ways that coffee is great? We have put together the top 5 reasons that coffee should be celebrated as way of bringing people together!


Coffee paves the way to build friendships and opens brand new lines of conversations. If you have something in common from the start, then it’s much easier to break the ice!

You wake up in the morning and the first thing you need to get yourself going is a coffee. So, you get yourself ready and head to university to hit the coffee shop and likeminded people are queuing up to get a bit of the action. You want to open-up conversation but it’s a shop and that might be a bit strange, so your student accommodation put on a coffee morning instead and then you can talk as much as you like and get to know the others in your accommodation.


One of the most common facts about coffee is that it has caffeine in it.


This caffeine is a great tool for energy which gets you going for the day.

It is that caffeine in our coffee that keeps us full of energy, enhances our mood and gets the adrenaline pumping in the system.


Productivity is much higher after you have had a cup of coffee, therefore we learn much faster and are brains are on a roll after our shot of caffeine kicks in!


Apparently drinking Hot coffee makes you a nicer person, so forget about the Frappuccino’s and keep it classic with a nice hot cuppa coffee!

Studies have shown that drinking hot coffee make you a brighter, more positive person. It also showed they were more attached to their friends/ colleagues. In contrast to this, those who drank cold coffees were more detached and pessimistic.


I think what the study showed is that to be nicer and more positive or to make your environment more smiley and warmer you should drink a hot coffee!


It does seem strange that there could be health benefits that are linked to coffee and caffeine, but dedicated research has proven that there are quite a few!

We would all like to keep away from life long illnesses and diseases so by drinking coffee we can strike a few off our list:

  • cirrhosis of the liver

  • Lower risk of getting type 2 diabetes

  • Lowers suicide risk and depression

  • Lower risk of getting Alzheimer’s

  • Less risk of getting heart disease

  • Protects us against Parkinson’s.

  • Lower risks of colorectal cancer

If for nothing else, we may as well drink coffee as a preventative, but an exciting fact is that coffee makes our DNA stronger, so let’s prevent damage in our white blood cells and get a shot of coffee down us!


It is so important to help those in less economically developed countries, so by buying Fairtrade coffee we are making a big difference to those that are struggling abroad. Just remember to read the label first!

It is not particularly the coffee shops that support Fairtrade, but you never run out of choice in your local supermarket. If we don’t support the third world that are working relentlessly to enable to drink the beautiful coffee we drink, then who will!?

Did you know that the discovery of coffee came from a goat herder in the 1600’s? He noticed that once his goats ate the coffee beans, they were full of energy and couldn’t sleep through the night. The abbot for the monastery used the beans to make a drink and there it was! This kept him energized and alert for the entire day!


So make yourself a nice morning coffee so you can feel energised and alert as the abbot did way back when.

Written by Lianna Carbon
Edited by Trupti Mahida-Dicocco

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